wall mirror

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height  200 cm | 78,7"​

depth  4 cm | 1,6"

width/lenght  110 cm | 43,3"

materials & finishes

ironwood, polished brass, clear mirror, handmade tiles

Comenda detail 2.JPG
Comenda detail 1.JPG

my story...

Inspired by the rumor that after the assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy has been living in Comenda Palace for a while, COMENDA is a mirror of strong emotions and conflicting feelings that aspires to extreme luxury.

Exploring the main function of a mirror, COMENDA's richness is in its wood frame with high gloss finish, as well as the use of traditional Portuguese tiles, contoured by a polished brass frieze. The COMENDA mirror evokes old days of glamor and style that could only be remembered through the many halls and rooms of the Comenda Palace. 

An exquisite work of art, ideal for a unique and exclusive home, reflecting the elegance of your living room or bedroom.