wall mirror

unique collection


height  140 cm | 55,1"​

depth  7 cm | 2,8"

width/lenght  100 cm | 39,4"

materials & finishes

wood, gold leaf, clear mirror, high gloss varnish

* the structure is hand-painted exclusively by the French painteur Guillaume Sanchez, which make every single piece different, customized and unique.

my story...

From the imagination of Alexey Pajitnov was born one of most famous games ever, TETRIS.


The electronic game was the inspiration for this mesmerizing mirror which embodies the fun and colours that “tied” us in front of the small screens for hours. By honoring the history of one of the best games ever worldwide, this exquisite piece was given a strong visual through the handmade and unique painting by the French painter Guillaume Sanchez, making each one unique in their finishing, colours and design.


The structure of this fish-eye mirror is finished with gold leaf that turns TETRIS into one of the most iconic pieces of NAUU collection.