a duquesa


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height  78 cm | 30,7"​

depth  100 cm | 39,4"

width/lenght  230 cm | 90,6"

materials & finishes

wood, copper leaf with high gloss varnish, polished brass, velvet

A DUQUESA(fundo branco) tiles detail.png
A DUQUESA(fundo branco) detail.png
A DUQUESA(fundo branco) blue.png

my story...

Elegant.  Seductive.  Exquisite.  Timeless.  Powerful.

This sofa inspired by one of the most iconic and timeless models - the Chesterfield - breathes luxury, elegance and tradition.

Our designers wanted to combine the timelessness of the Chesterfield model with the richness and tradition of Portuguese tiles, to give life to a noble and exclusive piece made with the most traditional techniques of upholstery and joinery.​ All to make your home even more exquisite and unique.

Just as Dukes and Duchesses have left their mark on History, NAUU DESIGN wants to leave its own mark on our clients's history, with this very beautiful art-furniture piece.