dora & gaspar

double stool

icon collection


height  44 cm | 17,3"​

depth  63 cm | 24,8"

width/lenght  63 cm | 24,8"

materials & finishes

polished brass with a gold finish protected with a varnish coat, upholstery


my story...

Inspired by a “couple” of twins, this double stool embodies all what they are: funny, humorous, explorers, energetic ...


As William Shakespeare wrote in times gone by, the twins come to this world to walk “hand in hand” with all the differences that exist between them. So, DORA & GASPAR could not be more distinct.


With different temperament, personality and energy, eventually completing an inexplicable line impossible to break. In these differences, that make them so unique, we found inspiration to create this stool, which despite having two different halves, joins into one.


This stool is a piece to suit any ambiance and that stands out for its artisan made padding and it’s brass tube base, with a gold finish.