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height  47 cm | 18,5"​

depth  41 cm | 16,1"

width/lenght  48 cm | 18,9"

materials & finishes

american walnut with high gloss varnish, traditional handmade tiles, upholstery

Fuzeta Stool by NAUU.jpg
Fuzeta Detail 1.jpg

my story...

Inspired by the blue sea of Ria Formosa and by the wooden houses of fishermen, FUZETA is a very exclusive stool which fits great in any exquisite and luxury ambiance.


Paying attention to the details of this fantastic stool, you will discover small stories carved by the best Portuguese tiles artisans.


In the hand-painted tiles you will feel the dedication that our craftsmen put into their detailed work. In the upholstery you will feel the comfort of our fabrics. In the wood you will feel the pride and exclusivity of our brand.