dining chair

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height  65 cm | 25,6"​

depth  61 cm | 24,0"

width/lenght  64 cm | 25,2"

materials & finishes

wood black lacquered with high gloss varnish, polished brass with gold finishing, upholstery

Queen 3.jpg
Queen chair - Detail 1.JPG

my story...

Catherine "The Great" from Russia, Cleopatra  from Ancient Egypt, Victoria from United Kingdom and many, many others...


The great queens of our History were the starting point for our team to be inspired to create this luxurious chair with an unique and exclusive design.


In a perfect alliance between our designers and artisans, and using the most noble materials and the most traditional techniques of joinery, we managed to create an exquisite piece that leads us to the splendor of the grand halls of the royal palaces around the world.