30 numbered serial pieces


height  94 cm | 37,0"​

depth  61 cm | 24,0"

width/lenght  202 cm | 79,5"

materials & finishes

wood lacquered with intense mate varnish, copper leaf with high gloss varnish, fabric, automatic door opening system

ARMONA closed.jpg
Armona Detail 4.jpg

my story...

With a strong inspiration in the giant dunes of the ARMONA island, at Ria de Faro, this sideboard has a bold and avantgarde design, combined with a mixture of materials that convey a sense of luxury and refinement, where wood is “Lady and Queen”.


Our designers wanted to highlight the noblest of materials - WOOD - so, this piece was created with extremely geometric design but at the same time simulates the waves of the sea, as well as those created by the wind in the dunes.


Covered with 388 cubes of wood lacquered with intense mate and a foil-footed of copper with high gloss varnish, this piece easily becomes the center of attention at any ambiance in which it is inserted, as it reflects the vast experience of our craftsmen and the most traditional woodworking techniques used.