coffee table

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height  36 cm | 14,2"​

depth  90 cm | 35,4"

width/lenght  90 cm | 35,4"

materials & finishes

ironwood laquered with high gloss varnish, handpainted glass with gold powder.

PANDORA Close 1 HR.jpg

my story...

The origin of this table came from a history lesson.


The myth of PANDORA originated a demand from our team to find out more and more about this ancient legend. According to our designers, Pandora was quite curious, just like them. And it was this curiosity that drove them to conceive and produce this exclusive coffee table with an original design and a unique type of painted glass.


Covered with 96 pieces of polished handpainted glass with gold powder, this piece, like a rare jewel, hand-carved by the best craftsmen, exudes exclusivity and refinement, enhancing any ambiance where it is present, becoming the focus of all attention and desires.