limited edition 20 pieces

height - 141 cm | 55,5"​

depth - 60 cm | 23,6"

width/lenght - 70 cm | 27,6"

Materials & Finishes

wood, natural ebony leaf with high gloss varnish, cotton velvet.

The materials, finishes and sizes can be changed by customers request, after careful analysis of the requested changes by our technical and design teams.

New York, L.A., Chicago, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London...


Looking at the horizon from any of these cities, we see the magnificent outline of tall buildings that seem to touch the sky, with its thousands of windows. It was that fleeting glimpse that bring to us the inspiration for this armchair, whose many colors remind us that our differences should unite us, like we got them together in one piece.

By the way, MANUELA you know who you are!