NAUU was born in 2013 out of an experience of more than two decades related to Interior Design in Portugal.


It is a brand that conceptualizes; designs and produces luxury & bespoke furniture with exclusive design.

Created in Setúbal beside the Sado river, NAUU is a brand that wants to take cross-border the strength and the distinction of one of the richest regions of Portugal.

It is this strength and this distinction that we embed into all our pieces and we want to convey to our customers.


NAUU pieces convey quality, innovation, personality, excellence, refinement, elegance, and, above all, passion.

These are the values we uphold at NAUU and which are imbedded in each piece and every detail, from the time it’s imaged to the time it’s completed.

NAUU main mission is to offer a design that stresses quality, excellence and distinction, anchored on the most innovative joinery techniques. In accordance with our values and mission, our goals align with elevating Portuguese production beyond.


With a contemporary design and high visual impact, NAUU pieces are thought and designed to be unique and to fit into any space or project, because of their bespoke character.

Having the possibility of customize all the pieces to personal taste, they become even more exclusive and may even be completely unique, specially if the chosen piece is from our Limited & Numbered Edition catalogue.


Our Inspiration comes from the cosmopolitan life in big cities, along with the great architectural works of Humanity.

NAUU's main objective is to empower our customers with new and different ways of seeing the world through our exclusive and exquisite pieces of furniture and, thus, showing what Portugal has to offer.

Joining the use of the finest materials with a bold and luxurious design, we accomplish to offer pieces of great impact that will provide a world of new experiences and sensations.


More than a professional achievement, NAUU was born from a personal ambition to be able to share with the world the great pleasure we have to bring to light the pieces that roam in our imagination.

So, through the hands of the finest craftsmen and using the most traditional joinery techniques, we sculpt more than high-end and luxury furniture pieces.

We sculpt stories, traditions, emotions, ambitions and love! We sculpt pleasures!